More about ABH Stromschienen

Cost-Effective, Safe, Flexible

ABH Stromschienen GmbH was founded in Duisburg in 1999 with the goal of transporting and distributing electrical energy safely and economically. As a flexible, agile, and solution-oriented specialist, ABH plans and installs busbar systems according to individual customer requirements. 

Thanks to many years of experience in the development and application of busbar systems, we are very proud to employ highly capable individuals at ABH Stromschienen. This team undeniably combines the expertise and the best of the best on the trunking busbar market.

To offer more efficient power supply solutions, we are constantly revising and improving our existing product range. Working with research institutions to develop busbars for particularly sensitive areas – such as data centers or the food processing industry – is just one example of this goal.

ABH offers safe, flexible and commercially attractive power supply solutions to modern, growth-oriented companies. ABH busbar systems power a wide variety of systems ranging from 25 to 6300 amperes. These include data centers, clinics, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls and industrial buildings. See our Use Cases for an overview of our completed projects.

Our quality management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2001. DEKRA Certification GmbH regularly conducts monitoring audits and re-certifies our quality management system.

Customized Planning and Reliable Support

From quotations to special technical solutions, from personal advice to fast processing – you can count on us.
Customization of individual rail guides is as much a part of our service as providing personalized customer advice.

Our Products

E-Line Busbar Trunking Systems for sustainable, flexible, and cost-efficient power distribution.