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With rising energy costs, the use of efficient and economical electrical systems is vital when implementing power supplies in buildings and industrial facilities.

E-Line busbar trunking systems are specifically designed to optimize energy distribution in factories, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings. These systems can be flexibly adapted to meet the evolving energy requirements of various locations. They also can be expanded, modified, or removed when necessary – without compromising the electrical characteristics of individual components.

The E-Line busbar trunking system series for currents from 25 to 6300 amperes stands out due to its low electrical power losses and, as a result, significantly lower power consumption. Save power and money in the long run by using the sustainable and cost-effective E-Line busbar systems.

Our Products

The E-Line product range

To accommodate the sizes and different types of electrical consumers to be connected, we offer diverse designs in our product range. These designs simplify applications in various industrial and commercial areas.

Easy-to-install high-current busbar trunking system for currents from 400 to 6300 amperes. Available in special versions: EMC optimized, suitable for food industry.

Busbar trunking system for low power ratings of 100/160/225 ampere

Busbar trunking system for small to large outputs from 160 to 800 amperes with multiple variants of outgoing boxes

Resin-cast busbar trunking system with the highest degree of protection for 630 to 6300 amperes

All busbar trunking systems used by ABH are products of the manufacturer EAE Elektrik.
E-Line busbar trunking systems are designed and certified in accordance with IEC 61439-1/6.

Use of E-Line Busbar Systems in Critical Environments

In some areas, busbars are not yet the method of choice, such as the food industry and large data centers.

Traditional busbar systems have not been able to meet the specific requirements of these industries – yet! ABH is pioneering in this field. Through careful modification of our existing product range, ABH’s busbar systems now meet the stringent hygiene and safety regulations for particularly “critical” environments.

E-Line busbar trunking systems allow you to plan your power supply even before you know the exact location of the final consumers.

The cost of the E-Line busbar system is lower than that of traditional cable installations due to reduced installation effort. Additionally, the system can be modified in the future without extensive renovations.

When changes are made in the production process, the short distances between outlet points enable quick adjustments to consumer locations by simply moving the outlet boxes. Busbar components can also be removed, relocated, or added after the initial installation.

E-Line busbar systems come with all the necessary pre-fabricated components that adapt to any structural conditions, ensuring quick and easy installation.

EAE E-Line busbar trunking systems comply with EN standards and are type-tested in accordance with IEC/EN 61439-6 to ensure protection for people and property.

E-Line busbar systems are maintenance-free. Each component is modular. The entire system can be disassembled and reassembled in a different location if necessary.

The quality of EAE busbar trunking systems is guaranteed by a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. EAE also complies with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management during production.

E-Line busbar systems electrify with their functionality, bringing clear structure and a modern look to all your installations.