E-Line MK | 100 - 225 A

E-Line MK | 100–225 A

Our E-Line MK series offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for energy transport from 100 to 225 amperes, ideal for workshops, small businesses, and industrial plants.
The busbar trunking system reliably supplies both fixed and mobile equipment, and its modular design allows for easy reconfiguration during relocations within a building.

Why E-Line MK | 100–225 A?

  • Automotive Industry
  • Shopping Centers
  • Small Businesses
  • Light Industry
  • Local Production Areas in
  • Factories
  • Data Centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Textile and Clothing Industry
  • Workshops

Why Choose E-Line MK?

Busbar trunking systems are joined using a single-bolt connection. Spring washers at both ends of the connecting bolt ensure continuous maintenance of the necessary contact pressure. This is achieved by tightening the bolt with a torque wrench to the specified 55 Nm (40 lb-ft).

Experience the superior design of our high-current busbar trunking systems. With a compact build, tin-plated conductors, and seamless stacking, our systems are encapsulated with epoxy and Class B polyester film, all enclosed in a durable aluminum housing. Every component of the E-Line MK series is meticulously sized and rigorously tested to meet IEC 61439-6 standards, ensuring you receive the highest quality performance.

Adjusting to changes in your production process is straightforward with tap-off points every 25 cm, allowing quick and easy relocation of equipment. You can safely connect tap-off boxes even while the system is live. To manage connections, unused tap-off points can be sealed off. The automatic closing mechanism ensures protection against accidental contact with live parts and keeps the system free from any contamination.

In addition to its technical advantages, you will receive a streamlined installation with an appealing design.

Rail distribution systems can be easily extended, modified, or dismantled without compromising the guaranteed electrical characteristics of individual components.


Click on the link down below to download the extensive E-Line MK | 100-225 A catalog as a PDF.