E-Line KX | 400 - 6300 A

E-Line KX | 400–6300 A

Thanks to its space-saving components, the E-Line KX busbar trunking system is suitable for any type of building. Due to its high performance, it is primarily used for consumers in the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

All essential parts and fastenings for the high-current busbar trunking system come prefabricated for easy installation. If custom-made products are required, they can be manufactured quickly.

KX busbar trunking systems are manufactured in a compact design, which means they can be installed quickly – saving you both time and money. Flexible power is provided by outlets that can be accessed from any location. Operational reliability stems from the robustness and functionality of this construction.

Why E-Line KX | 400–6300 A?

  • Automotive Industry
  • Energy Transport between Transformer and Switchgear
  • Energy Distribution in Horizontal and Vertical Busbar Trunks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Airports
  • Commercial and Administrative Buildings
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Food Industry
  • Data Centers

Data centers have become an integral part of today's business world. That's because, in a global marketplace, data needs to be exchanged but is often stored locally. While planning the construction of a new data center, it's also important to consider not only space constraints and increasing energy needs but also legal requirements. This is just as true for the service sector as it is for industry and science. Recognizing these needs, ABH Stromschienen has developed a busbar trunking system specifically for use in nanotechnology. Thanks to its very low field strength of no more than 0.003 μT, it does not damage microscope images, influence measurements, or interfere with IT systems.

E-Line KX is the only busbar system approved for use in the food industry. Historically, busbars have not been used in this sector due to the stringent material standards required. The materials must withstand extensive cleaning processes and be suitable for contact with food. ABH has modified its E-Line KX Series to meet these stringent requirements, making it suitable for the highly sensitive food processing industry. More information about its application in a real-life project can be found here: References

E-Line KX is the first EMC-compliant busbar trunking system on the market. >> Read more

Key Benefits for You

A particularly compact design is used for the bus bar distribution system for high current applications. After being tinned and stacked without gaps, the conductors are coated with epoxy and a Class B polyester film. They are enclosed in an aluminum housing. All components in the E-Line KX series are sized and tested in accordance with IEC 61439-6.

Once installed, conductor rails provide access at any desired point for drawing electricity. The energy supply can be easily adapted for different tasks by moving the outlet boxes. The result? Electricity is available wherever you need it!

Because the compact design does not require special support points for the conductor package, there are no potential points where mechanical deformations - resulting from electromagnetic forces - can concentrate. This feature ensures high short-circuit resistance.

Fire barriers with E-Line KX are tested in accordance with Din 4102 Part 9 and have general supervisory approval.

With the E-Line KX, the inductive reactance is very low due to the short distance between the conductors. Compared to a ventilated rail, the voltage drop in the KX line is therefore much lower.

Compact design eliminates air gaps for thermal isolation. The heat is dissipated to the surrounding area through the casing in the same way as with a heat sink.

It is important to keep up with the ever-improving construction technology. That is why we have reduced the assembly time by minimizing the number of bolted connections at the joints. E-Line KX rail distributors are joined together using single-bolt connections. Pressure washers at both ends continuously ensure the necessary contact pressure, which is achieved by tightening the bolted connection with a torque wrench to 83 Nm (60 lb-ft).

The E-Line KX busbar system with V2A outlet boxes is suitable for use under stringent hygienic conditions. It is the only product on the German market that meets the strict requirements of the food processing industry. Learn more >> Reference Arla