E-Line KO | 160 - 800 A

E-Line KO | 160–800 A

The E-Line KO series is optimized to deliver medium current power ranging from 160 to 800 amperes, making it suitable for both building and industrial applications. 

As a prefabricated power installation, its parts only need to be secured and connected on-site. This allows the E-Line KO busbar trunking system to be used in all installation positions without reducing the rated nominal current. For high currents, metal outlet boxes (e.g., for circuit breakers) are available, and for low currents, plastic outlet boxes (e.g., for miniature circuit breakers) are provided.

With current ratings from 160 to 800 amperes, the E-Line KO busbar system ensures your investment is future-proof, enabling quick planning and implementation of flexible power distribution systems in your commercial buildings. Whether you’re in manufacturing, trade, or service, your business will benefit from a technically optimized electrical installation tailored to your needs.

Why E-Line KO | 160–800 A?

  • Automotive Industry
  • Exhibition Areas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial and Administrative Buildings
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture Industry
  • Production Facilities in Factories
  • Data Centers
  • Textile and Clothing Industry

Your Key Benefits Summarized

Busbar trunking systems allow for early power supply planning, even before you decide to finalize exact positions.

Benefit from both technical features and an organized installation with an attractive design.

Adapt quickly to changes in the production process with the E-Line KO busbar trunking system, featuring outlet points every 25 cm for rapid adjustments to consumer locations. Outlet boxes can be safely connected even under load, and the number of available outlet points can be limited by sealing unused ones.

The automatic closing mechanisms protect against accidental contact with live elements and offer effective protection against contamination.

We modify, extend, or dismantle E-Line KO busbar trunking systems without affecting the guaranteed electrical characteristics of each component.

The E-Line KO busbar trunking systems use a single-bolt connection. Pressure washers at both ends of the connecting bolt maintain the necessary contact pressure, achieved by tightening the screw with a torque wrench to the specified 55 Nm (40 lb-ft).

The E-Line KO busbar system is designed to protect your personnel, adhering to IEC/EN 61439-6 safety standards.

Within the E-Line KO busbar trunking system, the protective conductor is designed to connect before the live conductors when an outlet box is plugged in. Additionally, the protective conductor is the last to disconnect once the outlet box is removed.

Catalog for E-Line KO 160–800 A

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